Monday, October 04, 2010

I love vacations

Seriously, what is not to love. You don't go to work. You see new things and new places. You eat. And eat. And eat.

I haven't weighed myself since we got back. I'm afraid to. My rings say that my fingers are not fat. My pants say that my waist and booty are not big. But I don't know what that pesky scale will say.

Before we left I bought a Polar T7 Heart Rate Monitor. I haven't been to the gym yet to try it out, but I did try it out a little at home. When we got home there was a card in the mail from the Y about offering a sale on personal training again. I am going to go in this week and sign up again. The trainer kept me accountable this summer and I need some help again. I also started physical therapy for my siatic pain. I have about 8 sessions over 4 weeks and in that time will learn how to make my workouts better again without leaving me in pain.

While we were on vacation I checked into Facebook and saw this: Prior Fat Girl's One Breath, One Step Event. I jumped on it. I signed up only after quickly mentioning to Pete what I was doing. I'm really excited about this. She had a similar goal that I do. She's struggled in the last years with weight on other issues. She is pretty open about her struggles and thoughts. I can't wait to learn more about being healthly. Not dieting or working out, but being healthy.

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