Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just like breathing

I left work at lunch today. I needed to get that motorcycle.

So I called Pete and let him know what I was doing. I did it so that he wouldn't worry, but I realize now that it probably had the opposite effect. When I got home he was home on his little break too. He chatted a few minutes while I got my boots, my jeans and my jacket on. I kissed him and he told me to be careful.

I got on and rolled it down the driveway into the little street. My shoulders softened and my back curved and I breathed. I started it up and listened to the humming vibration while I watched Pete come out of the garage. Again he told me to be careful.

I put it in gear and slowly drove out of the homes. Pete followed me. At the bottom of the hill I stopped to wait for him. Again he told me to be careful and I went on. We separated at CR 37. I went east and he headed west, back to work.

And I breathed. It was as if I had been suffocating all winter long and needed the rush of air past me on a motorcycle to really breathe again. I know it's counterproductive to my allergy shots with all the trees budding. But I so needed it. I needed to confidence it gives me. The strength in knowing that I can ride a motorcycle. The one-ness of being with me.

And just like breathing, all the motorcycle riding information I learned last year, flooded back into me so that riding was like breathing...natural.

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