Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quite some time has passed.

Normally after a good vacation I come back here, post some pictures and tell some stories. Normally. Only this time I hurt myself on day 2 of the 10 day vacation. And it dampened my vacation fun and relaxation greatly.

I did learn though. I learned that my husband is fiercly protective out me. Not that I didn't think he was that before, but it was shown to me in living color this time. I learned that he will leave all his emotions pent up inside and they will overflow at some point in tears while looking at me. I love that man. I learned that he will lovingly dress me when I can't, worry about me when I don't and love me no matter what.

I learned that I have friends who are wonderful. Who will take me to the ER in a strange city without thinking twice. Who will offer to take my bike home with no want or need for repayment. Who will stick by me and try to make me as comfortable as I can be, in my injured state.

I learned that I have a limit when riding my bike. That sometimes I get hot, tired and antsy to be where we are headed. I learned that I am no match for a steep gravel hill. I learned that I can fall off a motorcycle and do it in such a way that will limit my injury. I learned that I have much to learn about riding motorcycles.

I did not however, learn to fear motorcycles. I will ride again as soon as my arm/shoulder heals. And there will be other vacations at other times. And when I feel less mad at myself for making the choices that I did, I'll post some pictures from the vacation.

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