Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Next week Kim and I are going with my Mom for Genetic Counseling. There is a strong family history on my Mom's side of breast cancer and some isolated occurrances on my Dad's. My Mom's doctor is recommending counseling and possible testing for her and potentially a historectomy. Ovarian cancer is highly linked to having mutations in the breast cancer gene. If my Mom has the gene, it likely that she would end up with ovarian cancer at some point.

Kim and I are going along to see if counseling and testing may be appropriate for us. And this is where is scares me. Since My Mom was diagnosed in 1997 I've been vigilant about preventative care and screening. And in my head I have a plan of what I would do should the tests be positive. Simple plan and because I've thought about it for so long, it scares me less. I'm well prepared for this.

On the other hand testing positive for mutations in the breast cancer gene could mean so much more. Screening and increased testing could fall by the wasteside and mastectomy and historectomy come into play. Scarey. I may not 'need' these body parts but, they somehow identify me as a woman. Much like styled hair and make up do now. And with those things come a whole new set of medical issues.

So I'm worried and scared, but trying to not obsess about it...trying.

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