Thursday, December 18, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

Day 18: Menus...

Yum. I think that I like the holidays as much for the food as anything else.

As a kid we had ham and cheesy potatoes and corn and beens and rolls. At least that's what I remember. After my Grandpa dies, my Grandma started a new tradition. She buys pounds of lovely shrimp and my Dad (or I) grill them. Yes, grilling in the cold fridgid air. Anyway, we have those beautiful shrimp and then everyone brings a couple of their favorite appetizers. When else do you get a bunch of yummy ,not good for you food? I love the little coctail weinies, the meatballs, the chicken wings, hot dips, cold veggies and dip, chips and cheese with crackers. I love it all.

This year I'm making 2 kinds of wings - spicy and some aisan ones. Then I want to have some good german sausage in kraut. Lately I've been really hungry for that.

For our immediate family ti changes year to year. For a while we fondued. Oh man how awesome. Fried food where you sit & eat and talk for hours on end. FUN! Then my niece came about and frying in hot oil wasn't a good thing. So we had what my mom calls party chicken and wild rice. Chicken with dried beef and bacon in a cream sauce. Heavenly. For the last few years we've had prime rib. I've taken to eating mine more on the medium side and it's wonderful! I can't wait to dig into that lucious beef.

Cookies? I have to say that for a few years my mom, sister and I got together and spent a day making cookies. I loved it. I loved that we did this together, it made it feel special. Then one year my Mom decided that it was too much for her and she stopped doing it. Kim and I did it one year and then it fizzled out. So for the last 3 years I set a day or weekend aside and bake. I bake all the cookies that we used to make myself. I just remembered that when we lived at home we used to bake cookies as a family. even my dad got into it. I miss those times.

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