Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prayers Please

See the little white haired woman to the right? That's Laura, my Grandma.

She is 93. Amazing woman. She took over caring for her father after her mother was institutionalized when she was still a preteen in the 1920's. She married then she and my Grandpa Ray took over her father's farm. She raised 7 children and tended to the house and a huge garden. Later in life she took a job for the local school district and worked for serveral years of her life. She's seen lots of good times and her share of bad.

Why am I telling you all this?

All summer long she's been telling me how excited she is that I'm getting married. How excited she is to be at the wedding. Only she ends that statement each time with "If I'm still around for it." The first time I giggled at her and told her that she was too stubborn not to be there. But the more she said it, the more it became something of her foreshadowing. It gave me that feeling. You know the one where you get that ickyness in your stomache and you get the shivers?

My Mom just called. Grandma is being admitted to the hospital how through the ER. She went in because she couldn't breathe. They found that her lungs are filling up with fluid. She's had this issue before and even had congestive heart failure after her open heart surgery because of it.

So, if you could, please pray for her. I realize that she has lived this long amazing life and if it's her time to leave this world, it's her time. Selfishly, I really want her at my wedding.

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    Scott and I will be praying for your grandmother and the physicians' healing hands.