Friday, April 11, 2008

Old country music, short track racing and 70's music

Old Country Music
Tonight we're going to see John Conlee perform. We regularly listen to The Roadhouse on Sirius and happened to see a month or so ago that he would be in town. We had forgotten all about it until I grabbed a paper yeaterday and it was there. So we plan on meeting a friend there tonight. I'm anxious to see who the croud includes. Is it going to be older people who listened to him when he was popular? Younger people like us?

Short Track Racing
Tomorrow is the kick off for racing at Elko Speedway ! Yay! I'm excited. Although it showed here last night and is still snowing in places today so I'm not sure that they will actually race. But the kick off is tomorrow and I can't wait to have the racing season start. I think the other track opens in the next few weeks also. I better bundle up, huh?

70's Music
The bar at the track has a free concert by Casablanca Orchestra after racing is done. We're meeting another friend there to listen to them and dance the night away.

Sounds like a fun weekend to me, what do you thing?

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