Friday, April 18, 2008

He loved it, really loved it.

On Wednesday I surprised Pete.

We went to dinner at Granite City Brewery. The whole time he was trying to guess what we were doing next. It was cute and although he says that it doesn't bother him not to know surprises, I think it does. We had a wonderful dinner there and talked.

After dinner we got back in the truck and I started driving. We held hands, listened to the music and talked. He thought we were going to Centennial Lakes to walk around. When I passed it he was surprised. Then he guessed that we were going to the Mall of America or walking the lakes. When I pulled into the Fort Snelling National Cemetary I told him he'd have to help me get to his mom's grave. He did and commented that we should have done this on her birthday. I gently reminded him that it was her birthday.

We got out of the truck and he said that he should have brought flowers. I reached in the truck and got the orange & pink carnations out. He smiled and told me how good I was. They're her favorite flower in our wedding colors. We walked up to the grave and he cleaned the area around it. He was picking the stems so they'd fit in the cup and ended up tying the ribbon around the flowers so they wouldn't blow away.

After he was done with that I handed him the card I wrote for him. It told him how happy I was to have found him and that I couldn't wait to marry him and be his wife. He got teary and told me how much he loved me. Then I told him to put out his hand and close his eyes. I dropped the ring in his hand and he opened his eyes. He got a grin from ear to ear and asked me how I got it. He put it on and stared at it. He rubbed it and held it up to my ring. It's a wonderful match.

Then I told him that I had written his mom a card. To tell her how sad I am that we never met. How much I would have loved to spend time with her. And that I hoped she would have approved of me. I hope that she is present in our lives as we plan and marry. I told him he could read it if he wanted to and he did. Then he really cried. He got done and just held me while he cried. Then he whispered that his mom would have loved me. And that made me smile. We tied the card to the flowers and we walked away.

It was a beautiful evening and one that I won't soon forget.
Oh, and he wears the ring at home. He wonre it last night to sleep and when he called to today he told me he wore it to work. LOL

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  1. chelle12:25 PM

    Awww, I'm so happpy that the surprise turned out the way you had wanted!