Wednesday, April 25, 2012

211.8; Shoe FAIL

Friday I headed over to Run and Fun in St. Paul.  I've hit up most of the running stores in the metro area.  The Running Room and even Marathon Sports don't seem to carry wide enough shoes for me.  They've both been very helpful in the past, especially Marathon Sports.  They've listened, watched and suggested styles.  Neither of them ever pressured me to buy shoes, knowing that they didn't have what I really needed.  That says a lot.

Run and Fun seems to carry more styles in wide and extra wide that suit my feet.  Add in the fact that I'm a pronator and you have the makings of $130 every 6 months.  So when I went in this time I explained that I have issues with the balls of my feet and that I pronate.  The salesman suggested a shoe with less stability.  I was surprised, but heard him out and in the end came home with these: 
Yay, $50 less than my other style!

Saturday morning I got up and headed to the gym, planning on a 6 mile run.  I was stretched out, feeling loose and good and started running.  About 2 miles in my knee started feeling sore.  I tried walking for a few minutes, but it didn'[t get better, only worse.  So I stopped the treadmill and headed to the elliptical/stairstepper machine.  Only after a few minutes my knee got worse still.  So I headed home.  The shoes weren't for me. 

Only it gets worse.  Sunday I struggled to get in 4 miles in an hour in my old shoes.  My knee hurt.  In the joint.  After researching, it appears that I have runners knee.  A common thing for runners.  While I smile a giddy smile to be considered a runner, I hate to admit it with this one.  The solution to this one?  Sitting out of running to let the knee cap heal and settle back in.  Dammit!

So the new shoes were a big fail!  But I'm not giving up the running.  I will rest it and get back to it next week. 

I go to the doctor for my first band fill today you guys.  I'll definitely have a report tomorrow about what happens.

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