Friday, March 16, 2012

222.4; Five Friday Randoms

1.  I bucked the system yesterday and wore jeans to work even though it wasn't Friday.

2.  I can finally open my mouth wide enough for my dentist to get her hands in and crown my back teeth.  This is both good (no more cracked teeth) and bad (holding my mouth open for that long is going to be killer on my TMJ).

3.  I love the feel of sitting behind Pete on the motorcycle.  Lifting my face to the sun, feeling the wind.  Sometimes I lean back and put my face to the sky, others I hug his back and lean into his neck.

4.  I was the 'activing supervisor' at work all week while my boss was gone.  I realized that listening to our clients complain about us is not my cup of tea.

5.  If for some reason I sleep in, the pup comes back to bed after Pete takes him out.  He twirls twice, flops down hard against my back and cuddles up to me to return to sleep.  Even though it wakes me up, I love it.

Extra Credit:  I am currently loving the song "You Are", sung by Lionel Richie and Blake Shelton off this album.  I forsee me buying the album for my iphone soon.

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